SHOWOFFS Portable Popup Bar ... Be A SHOWOFF!

Entertain like a true SHOWOFF!

Introducing SHOWOFFS Portable Popup Bar™ a new beverage or food serving station, perfect storage and serving area for the stabling area! Welcoming refreshment Station while at the Show!

Go ahead and Be A SHOWOFF!



Portable expanding bar with shelf

Customize with fabric graphics on the front and sides

Easy assembly, no tools needed

Silver frame, easy-to-remove casters

Secure, zipper enclosure

Internal shelves maximize storage space

Comes with carry bag

Easily wheeled about


What's Included


The pre-assembled aluminum frame comes together by unfolding the legs, and inserting the interior shelf panels. Fully-customized fabric graphics on the front and sides will win visitors over as you provide an effortless serving experience.




Assembled Dimensions

40.13"W x 36.5"H x 20.06"D

Weight 26 lbs

$445 Includes your Logo, Photos or Message 3 Sides! Contact SHOWOFFS to place your Order today! 302-344-1231 Email Us at Shipping is Not Included
SHOWOFFS LED Lighted Portable Bar...Be A SHOWOFF!

Entertain like a true SHOWOFF!

SHOWOFFS Portable Bar will bring social settings at the Barn to an all new level!

Entertain clients, friends and all at your stabling area that will have everyone saying that was an awesome time at the next show! Go ahead and Be A SHOWOFF!

 SHOWOFFS MINI LED 32" Lighted Portable Bar

MINI Bar starting at


The mini portable bar is the smallest of the folding bars that we offer. It's lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for small parties and events or to promote. The bar's ultra compact size allows it to fit into most SUVs and can be easily loaded with one person.



  • 60 Second Assembly
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Folds Down to 8"
  • Interchangeable Prep Area Cutting Boards
  • Nexus LED Lighting
  • Stainless Steel Speed Rail
  • Ice Bin
  • Protective Cover - ADDITIONAL FEE $79
  • Branding & Graphics On FRONT Included

Mini Bar Dimensions

  • Assembled - 32" W x 21" D x 42" H
  • Folded - 32" W x 8" D x 42"
  • Weight - 55 lbs
  • Bar Top Dimensions
  • Square - 32" W x 12" D





    Made with durable yet lightweight aluminum

    Only weighs 80 lbs (not including top)

    Folds down to only 8"

    Interchangeable prep top panels & ice bin configurations


What's Included


    LED Lighting & Nexus Controller

    Water resistant LED Lighting

    12v UL Listed Power Supply - Standard Plug

    (4) Heavy duty locking casters

    *Lifetime Warranty!

*See recommend usage areas and practices for Warranty




    Modular Ice Bin System

    44" Stainless Steel Speed Rail

    Logos & Branding

    Case / Cover

    Battery Power Source & Cord

 SHOWOFFS LED 48" Lighted Portable Bar

Standard Bar starting at $1895

Order the full setup!

Speed Rail, Modular Ice Bin, Cover & front Printed Graphic/ Logo, Battery Power Source & Cover

Be A SHOWOFF for just $2529


WRAP TOP $2614


Made with extremely durable yet lightweight aluminum

One of the biggest advantages to our SHOWOFFS portable bars is that they are constructed using durable yet lightweight aluminum instead of painted/powder coated steel which means that they are extremely light at 80 lbs. The 48" bar can be loaded into the back of a truck or SUV with one person. You won't need two or more people or a lift gate to load this bar. Also, since they are all aluminum, stainless hardware and a stainless steel speed rail, there is no paint to chip so they will never rust.


Interchangeable Prep Area Arrangements

One of the most versatile features of our SHOWOFFS bars is that all of the panels along with the ice bin can be moved around and switched out with other panels with different features. Only have one bartender who doesn't want the ice bin in the middle? Just move it to the left panel. Only serving beer for an event? Replace the ice bin with a regular panel. One ice bin not enough? Buy an additional one and use two. Need the entire prep area to act as a giant ice bin for bottle beer? Put ice bins in all the slots!

The best part about this system is that these panels are standard size throughout the entire portable bar series so you can mix and match even if you have different size portable bars.


Modular Ice Bin System (optional)

Most portable bars, if they include an ice bin, it's exactly that. A plastic bucket for ice. What we've done is actually try to make this ice bin a bit more useful by making it modular.

Each bar comes with 5 different components for the ice bin.

-An 18" x 12" food grade bin for ice

-A 10" x 6" bin that fits inside the larger bin (this can be used to hold chilled wine or to keep certain liquors ice cold while separating it from ice that will be used in drinks)

-3 plastic garnish trays that fit inside the 10x6 bin. Fill the 10x6 bin full of ice and viola, you have the perfect place for your limes, lemons or whatever does it for you and your event.

You can use any, all or none of these components to maximize the space in your portable bar.


Available w/ branding and graphics

Like with all of our products, we have in-house graphic printing capabilities and can do full color graphics on any and all of the panels on our bars. If you want, we can also wrap the aluminum frame along with the panels to create a seamless look.


44" Stainless Steel Speed Rail (optional)

While this speed rail can be removed for easier cleaning, it remains attached while the bar is folded so it's much less likely to be scratched or lost while in transport.


Insanely Easy Assembly

This bar can literally be assembled in under 30 seconds.


Remote Control NeXus LED Lighting

The LED lighting is included in the base price of each bar.

Key Features:


User Created Color Changing Modes-The most notable feature and what makes this remote one of a kind is the ability to create your own custom color changing modes without the need for special software or hardware. Instead of being stuck with the same old generic fade sequences, unable to control which colors pop up next, you're able to pick and choose which colors you want to incorporate into your color changing program. Not only can you choose which colors you want but you can decide how long it will stay on a certain color and how long it will spend transitioning to the next!

Want to display ALL of your Farm/ Stable colors? Want to create a special color scheme for the holidays? No problem! With this LED system the possibilities really are endless!


User Created Static Colors

Another awesome feature of this remote is the option to create your own static colors. If you can't find a color you like in the 16 preset colors just create and save your own! When you're done you can even incorporate those custom colors into your custom color changing modes.


Other Features:


-16 Preset colors

-4 Preset color changing modes

-Dimming control


-Speed control




Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our quality craftsmanship and LED Lighting systems that all of our products include our lifetime warranty!

What we cover:

    Defects in materials and workmanship for life

    All aspects of our lighting systems - LED Lighting, Power Supplies, Controllers etc.

    Shipping charges for replacement parts for the first year

What we do not cover:

    Shipping charges beyond one year - All shipping charges to/from must be paid for by the customer after the first year

    Batteries - Because battery life is dependent on use and treatment we can not cover batteries for any duration

    Any damage not as a result of shipping. IE abuse, neglect, misuse or accidental

Not recommended for exposure to the outside elements, RAIN Dampness, Cold. Bars are to be used in a enclosed or element protected area. Outdoor storage or placement exposed to the rain or weather will VOID any warranty. Store your Bar in a dry weather proof area for long life


In order to receive replacement parts and service the customer must provide proof of the original purchase with an invoice or web order number. If the original documentation is not available we will attempt to confirm purchase by other means.


*Due to the high costs of shipping our products, we do not replace entire units for defects in lighting components unless the customer pays for shipping/packing costs









*NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice


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